Sakura: Hakko Special Spring Offer

Hakko Special Spring Offer

Hakko Special Spring Offer

Sakura: the traditional cherry blossom festivity is perhaps one of the most important events in the life of Japan, symbolizing the ethernal renewal of the nature. Renewal is also a fundamental term if we look at the excellent products of the Japanese industry: the Hakko soldering systems, aiming year by year to offer innovative products for those involved in professional hand soldering.

Dedicated to this wonderful spring event, we had decided to launch our Hakko Special Spring Offer: you may get an FX-888D digital soldering system for only EUR 105.- (excl. VAT), and also a free ESD wrist strap, very useful when you need to work with delicate electronic components.

Don’t hesitate: place the order now, directly at our office, or through our webshop and claim your FX-888D for the bargain price of EUR 105.- and you will receive your soldering system in a few days, together with a FREE ESD wrist strap.

Hakkoshop Spring offer

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