ECS Products


OXYD-OFF removes efficiently Oxide and Sulfide Layers from Contact Surfaces and ensures also long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection. It reduces contact resistance that leads to failures, eliminates voltage drops and guaranties a long lasting protection of all electro-mechanical contacts. It is used on switches of all types, sliding contacts, potentiometers and relays.


CONTACT CLEANER is a universal cleaner for contacts and electrical equipment, based on a special balanced mixture of high-quality, powerful and clean solvents
The low surface tension and wetting ability guaranties a quick penetration of the surface pores, removing oil, grease, dirt an other contaminants. CONTACT CLEANER evaporates quickly and leaves no residues. It is of functional use wherever high quality cleaning is required.


FLUX-OFF is a mild, but effective cleaner that easily removes the toughest deposits of flux, soldering oils and other contaminants such as grease, dirt and molding compounds.
FLUX-OFF is colorless and leaves no residue. It is used for gentle and intensive cleaning of printed circuit boards, electronic subassemblies and all other electronic components, suitable for degreasing of parts and equipment.

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