Special offer for Springtime 2017

Special offer springtime

While waiting for spring to come, we’d like to offer a handy gift for the our customers ordering our most popular product, the Hakko FX888D soldering station.

Anyone ordering such a station before the 14th of March will get two Hakko 83-101 desoldering braids of 1.5 mm width, free of charge. Place your order now!

Special offer for winter 2016-17

Special offer winter 2016-17 Hakko FX100

When switching to a new year, it’s the right time to switch to a new technology. Induction heating proved to be the most accurate and safe heating method used for soldering applications and we make it even more affordable. We offer now one of Hakko’s flagships, the FX-100 soldering system, featuring this heating method, for the incredible price of only €449.-

Part of this special offer, you will also receive a T31-01D16 soldering tip, which is a very common all-around shape, useful in several applications.

This offer is valid only for limited time, till the end of January, 2017 or until our stocks last.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us now or visit our webshop 

Summer specials 2016: cool prices

Cool prices for FX100

If you have to solder in the summer heat, why not use the best tool for it?
We offer you the FX-100 soldering station, featuring the highly efficient induction heating for a special cool price. The offer also includes two free tips: T31-01BC1 and T31-01D08.
Use this opportunity lasting until the 19th of August or until the stocks lasts!

If you are from a country out of the EU, the webshop settings will not allow you to order, but please contact us via e-mail: info@hakko-hungary.com – we will process your order manually.

Special Offer for Summer 2015: Classics of Desoldering

Summer Offer 2015: The classics of desoldering

As summer is coming, the outdoor theatres put on stage the classic plays and we offer your the Classics of Desoldering.

Although the widespread of through-hole technology had decreased, the desoldering of such joint is still a challenge: beyond reflowing the solder, you need to remove it as well. If you use a traditional soldering iron, a manual desoldering pump will surely help you. Now you may get the Hakko SPPON 18G and 20G pumps for a special price.

If you have larger volumes to desolder, when workin on a bench, you will need a benchtop desoldering system. The legendary Hakko 474 shows all the features that brought Hakko into a market leader position: reliability and efficiency. In case you deal with on-site operation, for example in a larger equipment, you will surely like the Hakko FR-300 compact desoldering gun, that will allow you to perform the operation even with one hand.

Just call us or check in at our webshop. The offer is valid until the stocks last!

New Hakko Catalogue

Hakko Catalogue 2015As a proof of the continuous renewal of the word leading product range, Hakko had isseued its Product Catalogue for the European market, with all available products, as of February, 2015.  You may download this booklet from the “Downloads” section of the Hakko Hungary website. Should you prefer a hard copy, please contact our office.

Sakura: Hakko Special Spring Offer

Hakko Special Spring Offer

Hakko Special Spring Offer

Sakura: the traditional cherry blossom festivity is perhaps one of the most important events in the life of Japan, symbolizing the ethernal renewal of the nature. Renewal is also a fundamental term if we look at the excellent products of the Japanese industry: the Hakko soldering systems, aiming year by year to offer innovative products for those involved in professional hand soldering.

Dedicated to this wonderful spring event, we had decided to launch our Hakko Special Spring Offer: you may get an FX-888D digital soldering system for only EUR 105.- (excl. VAT), and also a free ESD wrist strap, very useful when you need to work with delicate electronic components.

Don’t hesitate: place the order now, directly at our office, or through our webshop and claim your FX-888D for the bargain price of EUR 105.- and you will receive your soldering system in a few days, together with a FREE ESD wrist strap.

Hakkoshop Spring offer

Our Webshop is on-line!

Hakkoshop webshop is on-line!

Our countdown to the launch of our webshop has finally reached zero, and yes, HakkoShop is on-line now! You may have access to the comprehensive range of the Hakko products through this handy site.

The webshop is mainly supporting the customers from Hungary and, beyond that, from other countries from the European Union that doesn’t have a local authorized Hakko distributor. If you are from a country having a local distributor, we encourage you to contact them with your inquiries: they can surely provide you the best support. However, our shop is opened for everyone. In case you are not located in the EU, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail or phone – or through the contact form that you find on the “Contact” section of this site –, as the terms and conditions may vary for each country, but we are committed to find the best way to help you.

Obviously, launching the webshop means only the end of the first stage of this project, but altogether, it’s more a beginning, rather than an end. There are still several steps on our roadmap, intended to enhance our presence on the internet and to facilitate your access to our product range. We will keep you informed through all of our channels, including this News section, about the changes, extensions and improvements. You may help us through this road, but sending us any feedback that may contribute in improving our processes. We really need and appreciate your help!