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Website renewed:

We proudly inform our visitors that our website presenting our soldering product range, is now totally renewed, in its content and look as well. This site is available only in Hungarian.

Besides our main range, the Hakko soldering products, we had always been striving to offer a complete solution for our customers, concerning their soldering application, extending our offer to the products of the best known brands of this field. This website is intended to present the up-to-date information of these products, aiming to support our customers in their decisions. We hope that our customers will like the new content and look of this site and will visit it regularly, when looking for information concerning these products. Any feedbacks and questions are welcomed. 

FTM Technologies – new partner in our range

FTM Technologies logo
FTM Technologies heavy duty irons

Our company is continuously aiming to provide new solutions to our customers working on soldering projects. We have recently introduced in our offer the products of a new partner, FTM Technologies.

This company, located in the heart of France, in Nanterre, is primarily known for their equipement offered for special soldering applications and for the extraction systems for applications generating heavy fumes. The range extends from the heavy duty conventional soldering irons to the selective mini wave soldering systems, from the portable fume extaction hoods to the high power preheaters. The European supplier is a guarantee for the conformity with the applicable standards and for the short lead time.

End of year program 2015

Holiday postcard

During the holiday season from the end 2015, the program of our company will be the following

12th of December, 2015: CLOSED
Last workday:  22nd of December 2015
First workday: 5th of January 2015

We wish all our customers

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Floor marking tapes from Pro-Forelle Bt

As part of the continuous enhancement of our offer, we had introduced a new product range that may be beneficial for our customers: the high quality, yet cost-effective self-adhesive floor marking tapes.

Floor-marking-tape 880x400pxThe long-life floor marking tapes are the right solution, when you need to mark the distinct areas of your production floor, the aisles in your warehouse, or you want a visual warning for some dangerous steps. We can supply you these products for an attractive price and with short lead times.

The typical size of a roll is 50 mm x 33 m, but if requested, we can provide different width as well. However, for such special products – as being manufactured on request – the lead time may be slightly longer.

As most of our customers are working in the field of electronic assembly, the special marking tapes with the standard signs, showing the borders of the electrostatically protected area, are also part of of the range. Contact us for a quotation!

Using floor marking tapes

Hakko FR-300 desoldering tool for special introductory price

The new Hakko FR-300 desoldering tool is mainly intended for on-site maintenance and repair applications, such as replacing a thru-hole mounted connector in a bigger device, when it’s not possible to separate and take to the workshop the electronic board containing it.

HakkoShop wishes to facilitate the launch of this new, handy tool by offering it for a special introductory price of €239. This offer is valid until the 31st of  December, 2014. You will get the tool in plastic carrying case, including a 1 mm diameter desoldering nozzle, a workstand, spare filters and accessories for cleaning the nozzle and the heater. Just one click, and you may have your new Hakko FR-300!

Hakko FR-300 special offer



Our Webshop Opening Soon!

Hakkoshop ver2

Our customers will soon be able to enjoy the possibility of finding and purchasing our product range on a new platform: as shown by the countdown from the right side of the screen, on the 1st of October 2014 we will open our webshop for the Hakko products, at We are aiming to offer better access for the customers from Hungary and from other European coutries to the word leader soldering products. Beyond Hakko, we will include in our offer othe successful products from our range, like hand tools or ESD protection equipment.

The list of the products is not closed and we don’t ever want to close. We will work continuously on extending, improving and optimizing our offer, to be able to supply the most popular items from our stocks. As concerning the products showing a lower demand, we will supply based on pre-orders.

As our target is to gain a regional position for our business, the shop will be available from the very beginning in more languages, English and German, besides Hungarian, and the prices will be shown in Hungarian Forints and Euros as well.

This is a new and exciting experience for us and, of course, it cannot be successful without our customers’ satifaction. Therefore we really appreciate any feedback, comment, suggestion from you, that may contribute to the success of this project.